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Reliable and Professional

Secret Harbour Resort
Painting and Roof Project
Villa Viento

If you are interested in seeing one of our recent projects, please call and

make an appointment. We would be happy to show you our work. 

References from Recent Customers

"Jeff and his crew were very knowledgeable with our cistern issues.  The crew worked very hard, kept me up to date with their progress and were a pleasure to have on my property.  We would highly recommend them!"

Natasha Leinenbach
Seaglass Properties

"The crews were very hardworking, prompt and meticulous with their work.  Jeff takes extreme pride his work and went "above and beyond" to ensure that were pleased with the final outcome!" 

Carl Henderson, Maintenance Manager
Secret Harbour Beach Resort

“Jeff and Allstar Services completed all jobs

on time, within cost, and with the highest

degree of quality.”

Michael Brady, Board President
Secret Harbour Beach Resort

"My faith in contractors has been restored by

Jeff Thompson and Allstar Services! There is

NO way I could have completed the rehab

project on my villa from 1,500 miles away

without Jeff and his team of experts!" 

Eric Bilger, Owner

Villa Viento

"Jeff’s remarkable talents for business, management and communication make

him uniquely qualified to assist you with your home or business improvement and repair needs."

Alba Harrigan
Bowie, Maine

Additional Satisfied Customers

Yanick & Patrick Bayard - President, Seachest
Billie & Greg Hodges
Jose & Margaret Garcia
Frank Barnes & Elizabeth Masiello
Paul Doumeng - Bolongo Bay
Dylan Osborne - General Manager, Regatta Point Villas
Judy Grybowski
Dr. Adam Shirparo & Pam Berkowsky
Steve & June Marsh
Ken Albers
Dr. Wilbur Calender
Hedy Szabo
Kirk Boeger & Cara Jo Hinton
Joan Bennett
Ed Foerstel - Port of Sale
Edmundo Zayas - Owner, Allied Rental
Simon & Pam Larsen
Eric Bilger - Owner, Villa Viento
Sean Krigger - VI Historic Office
David & Leslie Livac - Property Managers, Seacliff Villas
Natasha Leinenbach - Seaglass Properties
Carl Henderson - Head of Maintenance Dept, Secret Harbour
Om Sukhani - President, Skyline Condos
Brian Walden - Frenchmens View Condos
Jennifer Sibilly - Media Marketing
Clive & Lisa Banfield - Owner, Queens Quarter Real Estate
Howard Francis - Herrnhut Moravian Church
George & Annete Parrott
Lorraine Lake-Inniss - Office Manager, Mahogany Run
Jean Su Maeng - Residential Cistern Project
Susan Goetz - Owner, Poly Caribe
Heidi Windel
Jared Falek - Previous Owner, Dr. Choice
Sandra Kelley - Plantation Manor
Shenell Gordon - Pawsitive Living, Owner 
John & Gwen Pittman - Green Iguana Hotel
Eric Hammond
Marc White - DCM

Dan & Peggy Liemandt - Owners, Greenhouse Restaurant
Robert Golub - Owner, VI Pool & Spas

Sharon Hupprich - Owner, Calypso Realty

 * More references are available upon request.